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DucoNavis is an advisory partner to business owners and managers in organizational, leadership and human development.

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What we do:

  • Manage clients projects to significantly enhance the Organizational Development capability of a company to serve its local and global client needs better by developing and implementing high quality OD solutions that enhance organizational and people capabilities and drive sustainable achievement of business goals and strategic objectives.
  • Identify and bring new world-class, cutting edge OD practices under the overall guidance of a company BOD and in line with business strategy.
  • Lead, design, develop (and license), pilot and monitor organization-wide OD approaches and initiatives, aimed at achieving organizational goals and building organizational capability.
  • Bring innovative ideas and solutions to identify and implement solutions that build organizational capability and resilience among line leaders and people management to allow them to achieve company strategy and goals effectively and sustainably.
  • Influence and consult with the Leadership team and senior line leaders on strategy implementation, leadership, culture, org design and employee engagement, managing change, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Lead the build-up of capability and readiness of the organization (e.g. change management skills, leadership skills, organizational design, culture, team effectiveness, employee engagement, etc.)
  • Lead, coach, train and manage people development.
  • Bring a global perspective to local processes and vice-versa.


DucoNavis sets high standards, provides independent and unbiased assessments and training in professional and human development. We provide the tools and resources individuals and organizations need to succeed in meeting their objectives. We have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of human development competencies of the highest standard. We are committed to the highest levels of integrity, understanding and mastery of human development skills, and dedication to our stakeholders.


Our Vision

Human development is the cornerstone of a thriving society and our code of ethics represent the highest quality of professional services.

Our Mission

Advancing human development.

Our Values

Integrity, openness, transparency, excellence, collaboration, and respect of culture and diversity.

Our Work

We partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspire them to maximize their potential.

Our Code of Ethics

We always strive to be the gold standard in local and international collaboration with each and every stakeholder.


The DucoNavis (LeadAShip) blog is also the writing pad for Amr Ismail (Miro), a Canadian Egyptian Organizational Development professional based in Europe.

Amr leads DucoNavis, working with companies, organizations, and working professionals. He holds an MBA from The Solvay Business School at Universite Libre de Bruxelles, studies in Organizational Sociology from Woodsworth College at the University of Toronto, a BA degree in Finance from the University of Cairo, and a teaching degree from the University of Cambridge. He was previously employed by Deloitte Belgium, UPS Europe, Puratos International, Zeelandia Canada, ISC Belgium, Purolator Canada, and Bank of America.


“My work on leadership development is influenced by many great authentic thinkers, global teams, and practitioners I learnt from and continue to learn and apply. Leadership development is a highly challenging area and many metrics are situational.
My approach to motivation and performance is a delicate dance between cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic angles. I also write on the intersections between Culture, Business, Economy, and Society.” -Amr

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